Independence and Experience

At the service of our partners

About Us

  • NAIBC is a company specialized in providing business consulting services, corporate restructuring, acquisition, merger and liquidation of entities in the sector of mediation of pension schemes and insurance.
  • Our clients are brokers, related agencies and exclusive insurance and pension schemes agencies, both individuals and legal entities.
  • By taking participation in the capital of our partners we provide funds and resources to companies immersed in the processes of adaptation of the digital revolution and to the processes of international expansion.
  • At NAIBC we work from the independence of any insurance or banking company to offer the best investment adapted to all types of profile. We seek excellence in all our processes and services, performing our work with total transparency and integrity.



In the current scenario, NAIBC provides global advice to manage risks and face adversity with innovative solutions.

We design tailored solutions to achieve the goals set by the company, optimizing compliance with the objectives of management and risk.

Analyzing the different risk profiles of our clients, we adapt their operations to obtain the best results and in case of losses, recover quickly.


In NAIBC we seek to obtain the highest profitability for our clients through a strict control of the investments we made in companies in the insurance mediation sector, managing, from transparency and independence, that the diversification, both geographical and asset, generate long term profitability expectations, independent of the point of the economic cycle in which we are.


At NAIBC we develop and implement processes to transform your company, optimize organizational effectiveness and efficiency, promote digital transformation, align HR practices with business strategy.


We detect and develop talent so that people do their best thanks to our career development plans. We intervene in the creation and improvement of communication channels, achieving significant improvements in results.


At NAIBC we continuously monitor the personal and property risks associated with the profile of our clients and their families, over time, adapting to changing circumstances and needs. Through our service “NAIBC Takes Care of You” our clients have access to assistance services in Health and Economic and Legal Management.


Our senior management makes itself available to its clients in global operations by providing their perspective and expertise. Providing our clients with added value at all times.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility increases the confidence of our employees, customers, shareholders or suppliers, always seeking to put their interests before ours, being NAIBC synonymous with honesty and good work.


NAIBC is highly committed to protecting the personal information of our customers through the registration of files in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, as well as in the responsible agencies in the rest of the countries in which it has presence, with the preparation and updating of the Security Document, as well as continuous training in the area of GDPR.

Our Commitment Against Fraud

NAIBC has established a global policy consisting of strict compliance with current legal regulations, as well as the recommendations of both the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Supervisory Body for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC) in Spain.


It is a limited company whose main activity is the intermediation of general insurance for the British market. specialized in marine insurance and Import & Export.

Mercantile society that offers insurance and specialist services in deaths, accidents, health and repatriation for Latin American clients residing in North America providing service to all IBEROAMERICA.

Brokerage specializing in vineyards and chmpagne cellars. Import and Export of its derivates.

Company specialized in providing consulting services in the energy and mining sectors. Advice and development of corporate strategic plans.


Our digital environment is in continuous development, as we know that economic activities thrive on digital openness. The necessary support is provided from NAIBC´s IT Department, so that the information of our clients is kept safe and free of external intrusions.

The commitment to digitalization in all our processes has served as a driving force for change in the business structure and for the creation of our own platforms for the effective management of internal processes among the company's professionals. This Know-How helps us to continue developing applications that help our customers in their day to day.